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WisCon is On!

I am definitely hitting WisCon again this year.

Many of you are already familiar with the tin-foil spaceship and sock-puppet madness generated by the Think Galactic party, but this year things should be twice as awesome.

Because Beer & Marmalade is teaming up with Think Galactic for combined party madness! More details to follow, but we're all very excited about it!

As an addendum, Think Galactic 2011 is still on the chopping block - myself and a few of the other concom members are getting overwhelmed with some other life stuff, and unless we get a few more volunteers, we won't be able to pull it off again.

We've cut the jobs down to small, pocket-sized bites that are very do-able, whether you are local or not! So if you're interested in keeping another pro-queer, pro-woman, anti-racist con rolling, please take a look over here and consider volunteering!